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New music video, soon…

This Valentine’s Day – 2019 Nawed Khan is releasing a new music video. Stay tuned…

Watch the teaser on YouTube

Featuring the Korg pa2x Pro

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My Studio Pictures

We have uploaded pictures of Nawed Khan’s studio on his Facebook fans page.

Please visit Nawed Khan’s Studio Pictures at

In pictures you can see the following instruments/equipments.

  • Keyboard:
    – Korg Pa2X Pro Intelligent Arranger/Workstation
    – Roland AX-1 Strap-On MIDI Controller
    -M-Audio KeyRig 25 MIDI COntroller
  • Sound Modules:
    – Roland XV5080
    – Roland MDC-1
    – Korg Triton Rack
    – Korg X3R
    – Yamaha MU90R
  • Mixers:
    – Roland M120
    – Samson PL1602
    – Boss BX60
  • Audio Interface:
    – Roland M16DX
    – PreSonus R DBUS V-Fire
  • MID Interface/Controller:
    – Behringer BCF2000 with motorized faders
    – MOTU MIDI Xpress
    – Roland SPD6 Drumpad
  • Mics:
    – MXL V63M Condenser Mic
    – Shure SM58s
  • Video Monitors:
    – Proview 17″ (times 2)
    – HP 17″
  • Audio Monitors:
    – Roland DM20 Digital Studio
    – Yamaha MS101
    – Yamaha Bookshelf (for reference)
  • Effects Processors:
    – Alesis MidiVerb 4
    – Alesis MicroVerb 3
    – Alesis Nano Verb and Nano Comp
    – Behringer Composer Pro Compressor
    – Digitech Digital Delay RDS1900
  • Audio Players/Recorders:
    – Sony CD Duplicator
    – Tascam CD/Tape player
    – Danon 5 Disc changer
    – Sony Audio Receiver
  • Guitars:
    – Yamaha BB350 Bass Guitar
    – Guitar Research LG33 Electric
    – Yamaha Acoustic/Electric

New videos uploaded on youtube

2 New videos are uploaded on YouTube.
Nawed Khan singing Vital Signs’ “Tere Liye” and Indian movie song “Jab Koi Baat” at a family gathering in New York. Clips are short and are contributed by a guest/fan present at the event.

Tere Liye Mera Dil, Vital Signs
Jab Koi Baat, Kumar Sanu

Nawed Khan’s Facebook Page

My Facebook page to share news, updates and music with my friends/fans.

Nawed Khan’s Facebook Page

Facebook has proven to be a great place to share my updates with friends/fans.
Join my Page on Facebook so you can get insights, updates and news about my music adventures.

My YouTube’s channel

Here is the link to my channel on YouTube…

Nawed Khan’s YouTube Channel

I have uploaded videos rom Pakistan Day Parade, Long Island – NY, August 2009.
More videos and favorites will be added shortly.

Nawed Khan joined Twitter

I have created a new Twitter profile to go with my music.

Nawed Khan Music at Twitter

This will help me promote updates in my music career and keeping my personal tweets seperate.

Sounds like a good idea??

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