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Kalank title song instrumental

Kalank title song instrumental, a new music video by Nawed Khan

Kalank title song instrumental by Nawed Khan – 2019

Happy Halal Valentine’s Day

Happy Halal Valentine’s Day, a new music video by Nawed Khan on Valentine’s Day 2019.

Happy Halal Valentine’s Day by Nawed Khan – 2019

New music video, soon…

This Valentine’s Day – 2019 Nawed Khan is releasing a new music video. Stay tuned…

Watch the teaser on YouTube

Featuring the Korg pa2x Pro

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New Songs Added

Uploaded and made available new music files:

New videos uploaded on youtube

2 New videos are uploaded on YouTube.
Nawed Khan singing Vital Signs’ “Tere Liye” and Indian movie song “Jab Koi Baat” at a family gathering in New York. Clips are short and are contributed by a guest/fan present at the event.

Tere Liye Mera Dil, Vital Signs
Jab Koi Baat, Kumar Sanu

Nawed Khan’s Facebook Page

My Facebook page to share news, updates and music with my friends/fans.

Nawed Khan’s Facebook Page

Facebook has proven to be a great place to share my updates with friends/fans.
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My YouTube’s channel

Here is the link to my channel on YouTube…

Nawed Khan’s YouTube Channel

I have uploaded videos rom Pakistan Day Parade, Long Island – NY, August 2009.
More videos and favorites will be added shortly.

Nawed Khan joined Twitter

I have created a new Twitter profile to go with my music.

Nawed Khan Music at Twitter

This will help me promote updates in my music career and keeping my personal tweets seperate.

Sounds like a good idea??

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